3 Point Linkage

Rigid Chisel Plow - Series 62

Field proven through the toughest seasons

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  • Machines are supplied with all components, including long shank tines, clamps, bottom linkage pins, clips and 75mm reversible points (Standard) etc, to fully complete the size specified
  • Adjustable Tine Spacing (standard spacing 300mm) – just move mount clamps and / or add additional Tine assemblies if required
  • Suitable for tractors fitted with Cat II three-point linkage systems. (Top link and pin NOT supplied)
  • Frame construction – 100mm square RHS, underframe clearance 630mm (24”), Rank spacing 760mm (30”), optional depth control wheels – 500mm 100mm approx. Tine steel shank size 75 25mm
  • Power requirements; This depends very much on soil type, working depth and conditions; however, allow up to 8 kw (10 hp) (PTO) per tine. ie 9 tines = approx 72 kw (90 hp).


Model No. 62700 62900 62110
Description 7 Tine Chisel Plow complete (Small frame) 9 Tine Chisel Plow complete (Small frame c/w 2 extension stub frames) 11 Tine Chisel Plow complete (Large frame)
Weight (kg) 318 391 499

Important Information

  • Murray Harrows must be pulled (towed) by a tractor correctly fitted with an approved rollover protection structure. Murray Harrows are NOT intended for use with an “ATV” or “Ride On Lawn Mower”.
  • We do not recommend the adding of any extra weight to our Harrows.
  • Our equipment is not intended to be used on or travel on roads or freeways.


Below are downloadable pdf’s for all Cultivation, Levelling, Pasture Harrows and 3 Point Linkage systems.

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