Spring Tine - Series 37

Built for Tough Conditions

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If you require Heavy Duty Spring Tines, Murray’s Series 37 will complete any job with ease. Complementing scarifiers and chisel plows, it will break down cloddy ground and aid final seedbed preparation. Using larger 465mm (18’3/4”) by 12mm Diameter tines with a 75mm (3”) spacing, the Series 37 is put together using a heavier tine section frame. Available in a 3 Rank model, it is supplied with two mounting arms for each section. Two sizes are available – 1.83m (6’) and 2.28m (7’6”).

Experience the difference with our kinked tine designed to exert aggression in breaking down cloddy ground and final seedbed preparation.


  • Tine Spacing 75mm (3”) 3 Rank
  • Tine Diameter 12mm Kinked Tine
  • Tine Length 465mm (18 ¼”) approx
  • Rank Spacing 305mm (12”)
  • 2 Mount Arms per unit


Model No 37010 37011
Coverage (m) 1.83 2.28
Coverage (ft’ in’’) 6’ 7’6”
Weight (kg) 146 168

Important Information

  • Murray Harrows must be pulled (towed) by a tractor correctly fitted with an approved rollover protection structure. Murray Harrows are NOT intended for use with an “ATV” or “Ride On Lawn Mower”.
  • We do not recommend the adding of any extra weight to our Harrows.
  • Our equipment is not intended to be used on or travel on roads or freeways.


Below are downloadable pdf’s for all Cultivation, Levelling, Pasture Harrows and 3 Point Linkage systems.

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