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Pasture (Category P)


Pastureland - Series 05
Improve your pasture yield

Improve your pasture yield

A light duty harrow specially designed for areas less than 40 hectares (100 acres). Used to aerate pastures, it will break up and spread organic matter. Features a drawbar, tripod sections and deep mesh chain. 3 point linkage hoist frame versions are available.


Pasture - Series 20
Aerate your pasture

Aerate your pasture

A popular option for larger field operations where strength and durability are required. Capable of aerating larger fields over 40 hectares (100 acres), it will accommodate uneven ground, light stony areas and rough country. Features a drawbar, pasture harrow sections and a deep mesh chain. 3 point linkage hoist frame versions are available.


Chain - Series 09
A multi-purpose solution

A multi-purpose solution

A ‘Reduced Tillage’ implement suitable to be used for spreading organic matter and levelling seedbeds. Three different depths of chain mesh are available each providing a different level of aggression and pulverisation to suit your requirements. Used in strip grazing applications.

Important Information

  • Murray Harrows must be pulled (towed) by a tractor correctly fitted with an approved rollover protection structure. Murray Harrows are NOT intended for use with an “ATV” or “Ride On Lawn Mower”.
  • We do not recommend the adding of any extra weight to our Harrows.
  • Our equipment is not intended to be used on or travel on roads or freeways.


Below are downloadable pdf’s for all Cultivation, Levelling, Pasture Harrows and 3 Point Linkage systems.

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